JMK International Consultants have been trading in the Murcia region of South East Spain for over 10 years. Our experience of the market and extensive network of local and overseas contacts makes JMK International Consultants the number one choice for total overseas consultancy and property solutions.

The birth of JMK International Consultants came about as a direct result of the founder members requirements for a "one stop solution" when initiating business in the Region. In 2001 and with a limited grasp of the Spanish language we became reliant on others, some that proved to be extremely helpful (sadly only a few) and others that saw the 'fresh meat'.  After a number of bad experiences we decided we could package the necessities and offer them to individuals or companies...we have become a 'Can Do' company.  This simply means whatever you need we 'Can Do'.


Our initial entry into the Spanish market was as investors in the early part of the last decade into the 'off-plan' property market and with our background in financial services and a large client bank a number of our clients decided to follow our lead.  Today we offer a tailor made "Property Finders" service with none of the pressures of a Real Estates Agent.  We are able to source the property that meets your requirement whether that is residential or commercial.  We are also able to source land whether that is for industrial, agriculture or development.


We have a comprehensive after sales service...thus allowing us to offer potential clients a 'complete solutions service'.