JMK International is the brain-child of Bill Kundalia. 

Having been involved in the financial services industry and insurance from 1986 to 2003 running a family business with his father Jay Kundalia Snr (a retired Independent Financial Adviser with over 40 years’ experience).

In 2001 Bill became involved with off plan property in the Murcia Region of Spain as a direct result of clients interested in this type of lifestyle investment.  Initially it was just fact finding and after careful consideration he invested in property on the famous POLARISWORLD resorts.

What followed was a period of frustration and simple annoyance.  Going through the process was difficult, lots of cowboys, people alleging that they could help you but in reality had no clue how it worked.

In 2004 Bill moved to Spain and started his own business with a very simple concept.  Make life easier for people that do not speak the language and don’t understand the rules and laws.

JMK INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS was born in 2005 and over the last few years we have developed the skills, knowhow and contacts to offer a complete one stop solution for individual or companies looking to invest in Spain’s Costa Calida.